How to identify the right project? How to validate the next strategic change? I want a preliminary diagnosis.


My strategic change must be a success. How to prepare and manage it? I want a flexible approach that facilitates testing rather than theory.


Will I pass on my business? I do not know, but I have to get ready right now. How to do it?


How to perform better? Could a coaching help?

The Human Factor

Every business is a system in which each element influences and is influenced by others. Since the creation of Quorsum in 2006, our consultants have successfully intervened in many SMEs where they solved organizational problems and improved decision-making processes by proposing changes. We have always paid particular attention in communicating about the human factor that very often makes the success or failure of these changes. We thus became convinced that the preparation of employees for change had a direct effect on them individually, but also on teams, other departments, and ultimately the entire organization.