We do not change without direction, without objectives – and the process begins with the identification of potential leads.

Interview with the management team

Analysis of the data supplied by the company

Discussion of the results with the management team

Handing over the report: analysis, recommendations, projects

Speed Check-Up©

Economic situation of the company, strategy in progress, objectives of the management: an action plan based on concrete recommendations and the identification of priority projects. This diagnosis is usually carried out in 2 weeks and costs 2.950 € excl. VAT reduced by 50 to 75% thanks to subsidies for SMEs and very small companies.


We carry out with you the objective and subjective analysis of your company. Because your perception is as important as the reality of numbers, we spend three half days in your office before compiling the data and presenting our point of view. An action plan is then discussed.

Human Indicator©

Management style, corporate culture, human resources: an action plan to reduce risks and seize opportunities of a strategic dimension too often neglected. This diagnosis is usually made in 2 weeks for a price of € 995 excl. VAT reduced by 50 to 75% thanks to the subsidies for SMEs and very small companies.


This diagnosis is aimed at SMEs who are aware of the importance of the human factor in their daily lives and of its positive or negative impact when implementing strategic decisions. We act in 3 steps: direct interviews of the manager and 2-3 key persons, quantitative data analysis and finally discussion of the analysis and recommendations with the management.

Integral M&A©

The wishes of the shareholders facing the potential of the company, and the action plan in case of opportunity. It is realized in less than one month for 3,950 € excl. VAT, reduced from 37 to 56% thanks to subsidies for SMEs and very small companies.


After an analysis of the company, we organize sessions where we discuss practical advice on when and how to prepare a business transfer or acquisition. Each case is different, each transmission strongly involves people (shareholders, families, employees, etc.); the financial aspects are only part of the iceberg.

The different diagnosis can be combined for a more global approach.

The complete Speed Check-Up ©, Human Indicator © and Integral Transmission © package costs 4.945 € excl. VAT reduced by 40 to 60% thanks to subsidies for SMEs and very small companies.

Most of our interventions can be subsidized thanks to the Walloon Region’s business vouchers and the Brussels Region’s premiums for consultancy services.

50 to 100%


We prepare these requests with you.

The human factor

Every business is a system in which each element influences and is influenced by others. Since the creation of Quorsum in 2006, our consultants have successfully intervened in many SMEs where they solved organizational problems and improved decision-making processes by proposing changes; we have always paid particular attention to communication, the human factor that very often makes the success or failure of these changes. We have thus acquired the conviction that the preparation of employees for change has a direct effect on them individually, but also on the teams, the other departments, and finally on the whole organization.