Teams & Soft Skills

2/3 of the professional skills sought are now non-technical.

Recruitments, team building, and internal reorganizations are important and delicate stages which very often generate significant additional direct and indirect costs (multiple trials, layoffs, loss of motivation and efficiency, etc.).
Preparation, selection and support (“onboading”) are therefore essential and ultimately reduce real costs; soft skills “are now one of the essential criteria for selection and development.

The diagnosis

In all situations :

  • We confirm and formalize the company’s needs with you (briefing)
  • We visualize the interactions and constraints of the functions and teams concerned
  • We prepare internal communication

For individual recruitments & promotions, we carry out:

  • The job description and profile
  • The “assesments” (3 candidates selected by the company)
  • Individual interviews
  • Specific tests and exercises for 3 soft skills chosen by the company

For teambuilding and reorganizations (2 to 5 members), we carry out:

  • The recommendation of the operating mode
  • Description of roles
  • The recommendation of the necessary and complementary soft skills
  • The tests (in group) of 3 soft skills.


  • Complements to the technical criteria (necessary but insufficient)
  • Reduced risk of failure (relational and / or behavioral)
  • Improved integration and acceptance of changes
Arthur, 50 years old, Manager

Arthur’s furniture manufacturing workshop is in the process of reconversion: a new high-performance machine will allow production to be diversified, a designer will be recruited, and the work will have to be reorganized into 2 separate teams who will collaborate regularly. Internal technical skills are sufficient and several experienced employees are likely to change functions or teams.

During its diagnosis, Quorsum discovered a very motivated staff and ready to change despite an old and permanent dispute between 2 foremen.

The designer’s job description has been rewritten and it is on this basis that 9 candidates applied; With the help of Quorsum, Arthur selected 3 that Quorsum interviewed and tested, finally clearly recommending one of the 3 candidates.

Following this diagnosis, Arthur ordered Quorsum an onboarding mission for the designer and another diagnosis concerning the constitution of the 2 teams.

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