Philippe Buck

Philippe Buck

Managing Partner
From vision to management

Philippe started his career as a consultant at Accenture. Over three years, he perfected his analytical mind and his financial rigor, which was necessary to then accept the financial management of Beckaert Ecuador.
These five years of expatriation will give him the opportunity to develop his management and coordination skills.
Returning to Belgium in 1986, Philippe accepts the challenge proposed by the new owners of Editions Dupuis, namely to increase sales and recruit a new sales force.

He won this bet first as sales and marketing director, then as general manager. Under his leadership, sales will double, bringing Dupuis to a turnover of over 70 million euros. It will leave its mark on Dupuis, leaving a participatory management and a dynamic corporate culture.

Since 2004, he has put his rapidity of analysis, his clear vision of business and his ease in negotiation to the service of young SMEs that he coaches as part of training and support programs at the Solvay Business School. solvay-logo

Navigator, musician, Philippe speaks 6 languages and is interested in the philosopher. He has familiarized himself with the management of SMEs for more than 30 years, alternately as an entrepreneur, manager and advisor, and is in particular an approved consultant for the Walloon Region.