Decision, action, reaction : stronger together !

Following a diagnosis that we have realised or to answer a clearly defined need, Quorsum quickly intervenes for short missions to help you put action plans into place.

A concern, a defined challenge or a finished diagnosis?

A detailled quote and a plan

The mission is executed with you !

No pre-established checklists, not even the same tools all the time. Of course, we master most business analysis techniques, but it is your context and your priorities that dictate the method and tools to be used.

Common sense, listening, reflexion and experience are implemented to find pragmatic solutions.

Most of our interventions can be subsidized thanks to the Walloon Region and the Brussels Region.

We prepare these requests with you.


At the last management committee of the family business, we presented the conclusions of our diagnosis at Myriam’s request.

The criticisms concerning the modernity of the creations were obviously a very delicate subject and we ensured a dynamic exchange. Contrary to Miriam’s fears, her mother (the creative director) expressed willingness to put an end to this burden. It is the open door to the possible, creativity, change.

With the collaboration of Myrian, we organize staff meetings for employees, who end up gaining their motivation back, are making suggestions, are aware of the constraints and want to save the company as well as the jobs. The sales organization is completely revised, the company is repositioned, 2 part-time designers are recruited.

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