“Investing in training means combining the present but also the future with concern for people and concern for results.”

Philippe Bloch


We create seminars on topics that challenge us

Personal values
& in-company values
  • What is a value?
  • Why define them?
  • How to define them?
  • How to communicate them within the company?
  • How to avoid false values?
  • Role-play


They can then be adapted according to specific objectives

positioning tools
  • Morality, philosophy or marketing
  • The Why revolution
  • Integration or differentiation?
  • A matter of membership
  • The Apple case
  • Practical work: your flagship value and its attributes


We also develop custom training

Internal & external
communication of values
  • Better to be silent than to speak badly
  • Community, tribe, segments
  • Trust cannot be bought, it is earned
  • The Enron case
  • Practical work: massacre game

International design and experience

Our courses are created in-house based on the academic and practical experience of the designers. Johan delivers these seminars using his experience working at Berlitz Shanghai where he practiced multicultural integration for clients such as Google, Bayer or Bank of China.

Partners of choice

In addition to our direct clients, we also run training courses for professional groups such as the intermunicipal Igretec, the Confédération de la Construction or the no-for-profit Dental Education.

Interactive approach

A little theory, some exercises, a lot of exchange and transfer of experiences. Everyday reality is the best catalyst.

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