Sales & Results

Turnover does not matter, the result is often poorly measured!

Want to sell a lot or increase your bottom line?
And this result, you measure it in Euros after tax, in return on investment, in value of sale of the company?
There is no one right method, but different tools to use depending on your goals.

The diagnosis

A list of necessary documents and information is communicated to you and we start with your interview (2 to 3 hours) to understand your business and the essential elements of your operational management. On this basis and upon receipt of the information, we analyze :

  • The suitability of your products and services to market needs, the measurement of customer satisfaction
  • Your operational marketing
  • Your sales organization
  • Your commercial policy
  • Your income statement and your cash flow
  • Operational reporting
  • Your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from an operational point of view


  • Efficiency of investments and resources implemented.
  • Reduce unnecessary efforts and focus on what matters.
Myriam, 35 years old, SME Owner

Myriam is the head of the family company which designs and manufactures upholstery fabrics and which employs 62 people. Despite the low (but stable) annual profit, the cash flow is regularly strained and banks are increasingly reluctant to grant new loans.

The release of new products at reduced prices has not prevented wholesalers from reducing their orders and sellers – who are however very senior – can no longer compensate for this with traditional customers.

Quorsum’s diagnosis revealed that customers find the company’s designs dated if not totally out of date; this information was known to the after-sales service and to some sellers but never “fed back” since the “designers” are Myriam’s parents and she herself is not interested in the creative part. To compensate for this weakness, sellers gave customers long payment terms and cash flow deteriorated.

Quorsum recommended carrying out a brief market study and above all a customer satisfaction survey.

Myriam asked Quorsum to come and present these conclusions to the next management committee where the family sits.

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