Being & Leading

The biggest stocks in your company probably show up as a cost in your income statement and not as an asset on your balance sheet! And yourself, are you a super robot?

For years you have spent “lavishly” time and money on training and qualifying your staff. But that investment will not be calculated until you pass the business on.
You have also thought about the impact of your business on the world (nearby or not), but everyday life prevents you from devoting the necessary time to it.
And on a personal level, what is really important to you? Are consistency and balance present in your professional life? Where are you ?

The diagnosis

A list of necessary documents and information is communicated to you and we start with your interview (2 to 3 hours) to understand your business and the essential elements of your operational management. On this basis and upon receipt of the information, we analyze :

  • Consistency between personal values and company values
  • Your personal & professional goals, the constraints
  • Internal organization (organization chart, functions, recruitments, evaluations)
  • The recruitment and evaluation system, and promotion policy
  • Coaching: technical skills, soft-skills and management styles
  • The culture of your company and the quality of life at work
  • Reporting
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from the “Being & Leading” point of view


  • Fresh view on your organization and the working environment
  • Improved team motivation and overall business performance
  • Strengthening your own management and the satisfaction you derive from it.
John, 45 years old, SME Owner

Four years ago, John launched his e-bike sales and repair start-up to “do something for the planet” and today he employs 25 people in his workshop, e-shop and 4 stores.

The pay is generous but does not prevent the working atmosphere from being bad and causing high turnover. John himself is the “best tech in the box,” but he’s had enough of these internal conflicts.

The diagnosis of Quorsum showed John that his recruiting friends and his management style had created a lack of accountability of his employees. In addition, without recurring and formal evaluations, everyone has a personal opinion of their work and that of others. Finally, John’s green motivation has never really been communicated and is certainly not shared by the majority. Most conflicts are mainly due to the lack of internal procedure and definition of functions.

John, quite surprised by this observation, chose to reflect on these conclusions before deciding anything.

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