Vincent Meurisse

Creativity at all cost

Vincent started his career in 1994 as a sales representative at Nashuatec. With a successful experience in the demanding but very instructive field of prospecting and “hard selling”, he joined Editions Dupuis as a representative, then in turn as Key Account Manager, Sales Manager for the Belgian, Luxembourg and Canadian, Marketing Manager since 1998 and finally Marketing Director.

It is in this function that he feels most at ease, combining unbridled creativity and analytical rigor, necessary among other things to professionalize the marketing department and carry out brilliant actions, both in terms of image and results. He thus introduces the concepts of “positioning”, “segmentation” or “viral marketing” to boost sales of products as cult as Largo Winch, Cédric or Kid Paddle.

In 2004, he joined the prestigious business and financial newspaper L’Echo as Marketing and Sales Director. He actively participates in the makeover of the newspaper, the rejuvenation of its positioning and the recovery of its sales. There, he will succeed in the merger between L’Echo and De Tijd as part of the creation of Mediafin.

A fine communicator, he intervenes from time to time as an outside guest during the publicity course given at UCL-Mons, during which he constantly defends practical, concrete marketing focused on consumers and results.

Musician, jouster in theatrical improvisation, Vincent specializes in the art of storytelling. In particular, he wrote several website content, wrote a short film script, self-edited a novel and three children’s books, and created several brand advertisements, slogans and baselines.
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