If I had an hour to solve a problem, I would spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem, and 5 minutes thinking about solutions!

Albert Einstein

Strategy & patrimony

Does your strategy create value? What type of value?

Being & leading

The biggest stocks in your company probably show up as a cost in your income statement and not as an asset on your balance sheet!

Sales & Results

The turnover does not matter, the result is often poorly measured!

Teams & Soft Skills

Choosing a good employee is an important decision with impacts in the short, medium and long terms!

The diagnosis « Strategy & Patrimony », « Being & Leading » and « Sales & Results » can be combined for a global approach.

1 diagnosis


with subsidies1.995€ without subsidies

2 diagnoses


With subsidies3.595€ without subsidies

3 diagnoses


With subsidies4.995€ without subsidies

Why doing a diagnosis?

Our companies face increased competition and must constantly reposition themselves in an environment where change is no longer the exception, but the norm. Legislation, regulations, authorities, administrations do not simplify the situation and bring sometimes leaders to postpone necessary measures. A simple – but not simplistic – approach brushes it all over and brings out the real challenges.
Concrete solutions that bring significant improvements almost always exist without having to revolutionize. A rapid diagnosis is sufficient to identify and choose these solutions.
A summary of the situation by a knowledgeable and external expert helps to enrich the opinion of the management and, often, to add additional ideas.
The action plan defines avenues for improvement and concretizes the decisions to be implemented.

What will you get from Quorsum's diagnosis?

  • A report including analysis – based on the information you provide us – and recommendations
  • A presentation of this report during which we will discuss the main conclusions and recommendations.

What you will not find in this report?

  • Raw data other than that which you provide to us: internal or external information (market studies, surveys, etc.)
  • Analyzes not provided for in the specific diagnosis you choose

And then?

  • You will obviously have full freedom to implement some or all of our recommendations without our intervention.
  • You can also – but there is no obligation – ask us for an offer to assist you in deepening the analysis and implementing the recommendations you choose.

Most of our interventions can be subsidized thanks to the Walloon Region and the Brussels Region.

We prepare these requests with you.