Helping employees means strengthening the company – and preparing them for change means enabling the company to evolve.

To think that the best, the strongest, the most “leader-material” will be the only ones to bring change successfully is a mistake. It is a challenge for each member of an organization and it is therefore a transition of mentalities in depth that must be conducted, supported, implemented.

Individual collaborator

Increase productivity through motivation rather than coercion through individual sessions.

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Some typical cases
  • New challenge (promotion, change of function, project, etc.)
  • New management, new team
  • Improve communication
  • Attitudes négatives
  • Improve performance, burn-out prevention
In practice
  • Briefing with management
  • Definition of “contract” (objectives): 1 hr
  • 6 sessions of 90’


Understand yourself, distribute roles, ease tension, energize forces.

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Some typical cases
  • Working group set up of a project
  • New management team
  • Strategic change
  • Crisis prevention
In practice
  • Briefing with management
  • Definition of “contract” (objectives): 1 hr
  • Meetings of 3-4 hours (depending on the briefing and objectives)

With coaching techniques perfectly mastered, coaches allow the management of a company and its employees to imagine, choose, and implement the actions that will make tomorrow’s success.

Johan Buck

Partner & Executive coach

The very principle of Quorsum coaching is to bring out recommendations from the coachees themselves and then decisions to meet the challenges. The coaches act as “revealers” and, as a result, the solutions are therefore much better understood, accepted and easier to put in place. Mutual and indispensable trust is guaranteed by confidentiality and respect for privacy.

To evaluate the situation, Quorsum offers the diagnosis Human Indicator©

Why do a diagnosis ?

Our businesses face increased competition and must constantly reposition themselves in an environment where change is no longer the exception, but the norm.
The importance of human resources no longer needs to be demonstrated and the good management of this resource is more complex every day. A summary of the situation by a knowledgeable and external expert can enrich the opinion of the management and often adds additional ideas.
The action plan defines the areas for improvement and concretizes decisions to be implemented.

Why do a fast diagnosis ?

Legislation, regulations, authorities, administrations do not simplify the situation and sometimes push the leaders to postpone necessary measures. A simple approach – but not simplistic – sweeps all this and brings out the real challenges.
Concrete solutions that bring significant improvements almost always exist without having to make a revolution. A quick diagnosis is enough to identify and choose these solutions.
If serious problems are detected, this first diagnosis is an excellent briefing for a detailed study then probably entrusted to very specialized offices.
Fast? According to your availability! We can give you the final report 5 days after the last interview.

Why trust us with this mission ?

Our combination of SME consultancy expertise and personal coaching allows us to quickly understand the strategic challenges and potential of the company’s human resources
As business leaders, we faced significant challenges, unexpected frustrations and comforting successes in this area.
The fixed and reduced price allows you to decide right now without waiting for a possible crisis which in all cases would cost you much more.

Methodology ?

With the leader (2 heures), we approach :
  • The strategy
  • The corporate culture
  • Management style
  • Human resources
Once this information is obtained, we plan the other interviews (approximately 1 hour each) with the chosen people (in agreement with the leader) by promising them anonymity in order to obtain the most sincere information and opinions possible; we approach the same themes but from a more personal point of view:
  • Company values and personal values
  • Professional and personal goals
  • The culture of the company
  • Management style applied and/or sustained
  • The personal challenges encountered within the company
Following these interviews and the quantitative information, we carry out the report and the action plan submitted and discussed with the management.

Budget ?

Go to the diagnosis page.

« The median ROI reported by companies who participated in the study (…) was seven times their initial investment in coaching. Almost 96% (…) indicated that they would repeat the coaching experience (…). »

International Coach Federation

We also intervene for private individuals without any relation to their employer

To meet a personal need, we work together on themes related to your work environment.

All of our coaches are EMCC certified

Most of our interventions can be subsidized thanks to the Walloon Region’s business vouchers and the Brussels Region’s premiums for consultancy services.

50 to 100%


We prepare these requests with you.

The human factor

Every business is a system in which each element influences and is influenced by others. Since the creation of Quorsum in 2006, our consultants have successfully intervened in many SMEs where they solved organizational problems and improved decision-making processes by proposing changes; we have always paid particular attention to communication, the human factor that very often makes the success or failure of these changes. We have thus acquired the conviction that the preparation of employees for change has a direct effect on them individually, but also on the teams, the other departments, and finally on the whole organization.